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Juvena Miracle Serum Firm And Hydrate 30ml

Miracle Serum

Wonderful moisture, a noticeable firming effect, and an enchanting complexion.

With the unique JUVENA SkinNova SC Technology in combination with a firming algae extract, this highly effective face serum provides an improved skin texture and firmer-looking skin.

The special gold-coloured pigments conjure up a smooth, even complexion.

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Body Contour Gel

The Body Contour Gel is for smooth, firm skin and a more streamlined silhouette.

This active gel, which combines a complex of algae, caffeine and menthol, helps the skin to regain its vitality and reduces the oxidative stress, which is involved in the build-up of cellulite.

Cools and refreshes.

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Juvena Body Care Contouring And Slimming Active Gel 200ml

For JUVENA, youthful radiance also has to do with attitude and bearing. Everything that characterizes a woman – her thoughts, the swing in her step, the sparkle in her eyes and the radiance of her skin – together they form her overall activeness.

Since 1954, JUVENA has been considered as a pioneer in skin research and as an expert in anti-aging cosmetics. The pioneering spirit of the brand, combined with Swiss precision and professional customer relationship management, has created superior technologies and significant anti-aging innovations. JUVENA – a cutting edge skincare.

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