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Philips Humidifier HU4706/11

£55.13 VAT included PHILIPS

This Philips humidifier offers an advanced three-stage evaporation system with NanoCloud technology.
In stage 1, the absorbent filter of the humidifier traps large particles such as human or pet hair and dust when it absorbs air.
In stage 2, the advanced evaporation system with NanoCloud technology humidifies the air by adding water molecules and prevents the spread of bacteria and dirt.
In stage 3, the humidifier expels healthy moist air at a constant rate without water spray forming in your home.
Automatic shutdown when the humidifier runs out of waterAutomatic shutdown when the humidifier runs out of water When the water tank is empty and needs to be refilled, HealthyAirProtect Lock turns off the humidifier and a red indicator light comes on to warn you that the humidifier has been turned off. stopped.
Uniformly distribute the humidified air around you Uniformly distribute the humidified air around you Distribute evenly the humidified air around you. It allows you to breathe a healthy humidified air at home and in the office so you can enjoy greater comfort on the skin.

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Product features:
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Product Reference: #8710103672791
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