Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Perfume Spray 80ml Set 3 Pieces 2023

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£123.70 £88.00 VAT included CAROLINA HERRERA
  Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Perfume Spray 80ml Set 3 Pieces 2023

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Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Perfume Spray 80ml
Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Perfume Spray 10ml
Body Lotion 100ml

Shop Online Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau De Perfume Spray 80ml Set 3 Pieces 2023 at best price.
Product features:
- FRAGRANCE: Fragrance Sets
- FORMAT: Sets, Limited Edition
- GENDER: Womens

Product Reference: #8411061075234

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When fashion designer Carolina Herrera created her signature fragrance from a sensual and heady blend of jasmine and tuberose, she noted its scent brought back memories of warm summer nights under the Caracas sky. A decade later, it still ignites thoughts of summer nights. But it also recalls a wonderful dinner party from two months ago, and last night's gala. "This fragrance is a constant in my life," she says. "It is the only scent I have worn for 10 years. It is distinctly part of me."

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Average product rating: 10 - Perfect
  • Beautiful Fragrance - Excellent Value - Highly Recommended

    Gk | 19/08/2023

  • This is my favourite perfume and love this shop as it’s a good price, not really sure what else to say but it’s telling me it has to be 45 characters long which is crazy amount of works to say you like the perfume you got!!! Clearly I like it , I’ve not got the money to take a chance for £90 ha ha ha

    Samantha | 28/06/2023

  • Great perfume, awesome apparent smell if you like it this way to be. I love it, some may don't as it is strong and intensive.

    Art | 01/01/2020

  • It is my favorite perfume since it came out, notes of cocoa and tonka bean, super seductive

    Elizabeth | 26/11/2019

  • Top quality product and well worth the money apart from the shipping fee was a bit steep but all good so happy days. I will reckon that this product will be about for years as it top quality

    Luke | 06/02/2018

  • Beautiful perfume and lovely bottle, the scent lasts for ages and the bottle looks wonderful on my dressing table. A lot of my friends have asked me what perfume I was wearing which is very flattering

    Olive | 29/01/2018

  • The Perfume was lovely and arrived in one piece considering it was delivered from another country, only problem was the delivery schedule I was first given was not accurate as the perfume arrived 4 days after

    Carla | 07/01/2018

  • Quite sweet,for some might be too sweet but if you not new to Carolina Herrera products they all similar. My girlfriend love this smell. My girlfriend happy I'm happy.

    Vitalijus | 10/02/2017

  • Great customer service. Highly recommended

    M O |  29/11/2023 10:33:17

  • Item as described, well packaged

    Alison |  28/11/2023 09:07:48

  • Fantastic service 1st class .. kept informed throughout astonishingly good

    Diane |  27/11/2023 09:22:11

  • Very good service - Great communication. Would recommend!

    David |  26/11/2023 14:47:17

  • Great customer service! Provides tracking as well! Will definitely shop again!

    Emerald |  26/11/2023 07:30:58

  • Received confirmation email with tracking details within 24 hours of ordering.

    Lucy |  26/11/2023 07:21:48

  • As provided above.

    John |  23/11/2023 12:15:09

  • No issues.

    Aron |  20/11/2023 14:40:47

  • So far so good happy they did well.

    Farhana |  19/11/2023 10:53:18

  • Great service, product dispatched quickly. Good communication. Will do more business with them in teh future

    G.T |  16/11/2023 14:03:27

  • Quick and good service.

    T |  13/11/2023 10:19:48

  • Good prices and selection of niche fragrances!

    Victoria |  12/11/2023 21:19:36

  • Royal Mail : Was delivered the next day that they received the item.

    John | 23/11/2023 12:15:09

  • Royal Mail : No issues.

    Aron | 20/11/2023 14:40:47

  • Royal Mail : Excellent

    Farhana | 19/11/2023 10:53:18

  • Royal Mail : Nothing wrong with the service

    Gareth | 26/10/2023 11:04:54

  • Royal Mail : Delivery was good and in line with expectations. Thank you.

    Terry | 23/10/2023 12:15:48

  • Royal Mail : As reliable as ever - take that how you will.....

    Jon | 19/10/2023 20:55:04

  • Royal Mail : Royal Mail normal service

    Patricia | 19/10/2023 12:01:01

  • Royal Mail : Good

    Femi | 17/10/2023 07:32:52

  • Royal Mail : Good delivery time

    Yvonne | 16/10/2023 20:12:52

  • Royal Mail : Brilliant

    Trevor | 11/10/2023 10:42:01

  • Royal Mail : Seemed to take a long time to arrive.

    Linda | 09/10/2023 15:56:13

  • Royal Mail : Delivery was okay

    Dust | 08/10/2023 12:11:22

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