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Spanish duo Victorio and Lucchino established excellent cooperation through combination of talents of the brand's founder and partner, José Victor Rodríguez Caro and José Luis Medina del Corral.
After only several months, they started a company together - "Victorio y Lucchino". The style of this house is full-blooded Spanish. Their creations are created in Andalusian style, since this is where the team used to live and work. The soul of Andalusia lives in coexistence of Catholics, Arabs and Jews, and is therefore intertwined not only with different religions, but also with various customs and lifestyle. Colours, textures and scents stimulated their style in design.
The surroundings influenced their work. They were inspired by religious rituals known from that section, such as Phoenician Goddesses of Estarta, whose pieces of jewelry contained incense, myrrh and amber inside them. Spanish culture had a great influence on their fashion, as well. Out of Spanish baroque, famous Carmen and Hispano culture they created a popular mixture, which spread slowly throughout Europe and the whole world. Mediterranean glamour is very accentuated in all fashion details.
The house provides a passionate adventure of their creation decorated with lace, motifs and ornaments on sleeves and collars.
Their first perfume on the market is Carmen, presented in 1992. With a bow to Bizet and their famous opera Carmen, the perfume got the beautiful and passionate Carmen's characteristics. As creators say, it is temperamental and legendary, very feminine and wrapped with romantic of passionate Spain.
Another interesting perfume is Bambina, presented in 2004 with fresh, green notes. It introduces breezes of fresh, sweet mandarin, bergamot and neroli, adding floral waves of freesia and jasmine, while the base introduces cedar and sensual musk.
Perfume HECHIZO was presented in October 2007 in "Del Casino de Madrid" as a fresh, floral perfume with romantic notes and very elegant form. Designers revealed that it hid provocative Bulgarian rose, which contributed to the magic of this fragrance.

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