The company in milan was founded to build and run a cotton factory in Vaprio D'adda. First in Italy to produce velvet and moleskin fabrics. Such factory represents the most ancient industrial monument along river Adda, characterized by its medieval crenellated towers.

In 1987 Important investments are carried out in the field of technology in order to make the company more competitive and at the same time the quality of fabrics is ever more improved, and they represent the excellence in the field of velvet production. Advertising investments are planned in order to re-launch the Company at an international level.

Velvet is still the main skill for Duca Visconti. In the last years the study of special handles, together with the use of noble fibres, has allowed the offer of a unique product, not easy to re-produce. Duca Visconti di Modrone takes part to the most important exhibitions in this field (Idea Biella, Premiere Vision, Milano Unica Shanghai, etc…)