TRAVALO Products: 5

Travalo is the brand dedicated to the comfortable and practical pocket perfume atomizers. This perfume atomizer, either in spray or in rollerball is the best choice to wear your favorite fragrance anytime of the day and anywhere. Its size is perfect for carrying in purses and pockets. Perfect for travelling because you can carry it on the airplane.

The Travalo Milano is the most refined and luxurious portable fragrance experience ever made. Finished in a luxurious leatherette with finely crafted and polished metal parts, Milano is a wonderfully balanced high quality product that feels great to hold and use. Travalo’s incredible high definition spray head produces a fine, luxurious fragrance mist.

Travalo has been featured in Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan & many more of the top beauty magazines & blogs around the world. Their widespread acclaim, awards and plaudits have been very much part of the Travalo story.