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Jeanne Piaubert BB Cream Light Medium SPF20 50ml

L'Hydro Active 24H BB Cream Spf20

This BB Cream 6-in-1 L’Hydro-Active 24 Heures unifies complexion, hydrates and protects the skin thanks to its BeautySkin-6 complex.

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Peau D'Ange Dry Oil

Méthode Jeanne Piaubert Research has revisited PEAU D’ANGE, its first dry oil, now an essential part of every woman’s routine, giving it a new box and a solar note.

Nourishing and beautifying, its formula ensures immediate absorption and a non-greasy finish.

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Jeanne Piaubert Peau D'Ange Dry Oil Body And Hair 100ml

In the twenties, Jeanne Piaubert realised the importance of simultaneously using skin care, electrical current and massage to optimize the body’s beauty.She named her exclusive method Active Dermoplastics, bringing together three sciences that work together to maximise the benefits of treatment in the salon and at home: cosmetics, phyisics and mecanics. 

Distributed in more than 40 countries, Method Jeanne Piaubert products are a key reference for reshaping the face and body, as well as in salon treatment.

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