GURU Products: 2

In 1999 Matteo Cambi e Gian Maria Montacchini launch, from their hometown in Parma, a small production of t-shirts and jerseys. It’s an overnight success, partly thanks to the irreverent prints and the tongue-in cheek style, and partly thanks to the ironic name. GURU is born.

Later On, 2000 GURU men’s t-shirts start carrying a symbol which is simple, and yet rather at odds with its destination at the same time: a childishly drawn daisy, which will become synonym with the brand. 6000 t-shirts are sold in the space of 15 days. It’s GURU mania on beaches, in clubs, among TV celebrities and sports personalities.
The first two fragrances by Guru are inspired by a vintage but metropolitan world.
Their target is young men and women, of a age between 16 and 25, with a strong personality, without any prejudices
These two fragrances come out of the attention of the quality and its relation with the price.