Yope Linden Natural Liquid Soap 500ml

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An exceptional new line of three cosmetics with a fragrance of linden blossom and extracts of three flowers: linden, calendula and chamomile, a nourishing and soothing cocktail for the skin. We created it to pamper your senses, especially for the wonderful time of early summer!
The Yope Lime Tree line contains 3 products: Natural Shower Gel, Natural Soap with TGA formula and Natural Hand and Body Lotion. They all contain natural flower extracts, linden, calendula and chamomile, as well as linseed extract. The lime blossom extract rich in flavonoids, mineral salts and vitamins is a fantastic antioxidant with strengthening and soothing properties. Natural linseed extract, calendula and chamomile flowers contain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. With this series we also help to save the bees in Poland, a percentage of the sales of this series are donated to the Laka Foundation (www.laka.org.pl) creating benefits for the environment and the bees.
Natural Liquid Soap with TGA formula
Moisturises and softens the skin.
Fragrance: Warm, sunny, fresh and cheerful like the beginning of summer.
Works: Thanks to its TGA formula, the soap is exceptionally gentle on the skin as well as being environmentally friendly. The TGA formula contains a blend of natural cleansing substances such as coconut oil, sesame oil, corn glucose and others.
and corn glucose. It creates a creamy, non-irritating washing foam. Its plant extracts, flaxseed, linden, calendula and chamomile
have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. After application, the skin is left moisturised and wonderfully soft.
Contains no: SLE's, parabens, SLS's, PEG's or ingredients of animal origin.

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Product features:
- Gender: Unisex
- Bath & Body: Body Wash & Shower Gel

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YOPE was founded by Karolina and Paweł, husband-and-wife team and parents of young children. The vision for the company sprang from a need affecting not just a target group, but the founders’ own family. Recognising the scarcity of natural personal care and home care products at affordable prices, Karolina and Paweł set out to create an accessible brand of quality soaps, moisturisers and household products.


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