Hydroalcoholic Hand Gel Sanitizer With Aloe Vera 100ml

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Gel with 70% p/p alcohol
Hydroalcoholic gel for hand sanitation. Formulated with aloe vera, it provides softness and hydration to your skin. It has virucidal activity against Coronavirus according to UNE-EN 14476 and bactericidal according to UNE-EN 1040. It does not need rinsing.

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Product features:
- Gender: Unisex
- Area to be treated: Hand

Product Reference: #8400000000001
Average product rating: 10 - Perfect
  • This is the first hand sanitizer we have been able to buy since before the lockdown. Thank you!

    Barbara | 27/05/2020

  • This is my favourite format.

    Henry | 08/05/2020

  • Easy to select and navigate

    Didi |  03/09/2018 13:04:56

  • Did not encounter

    Jenny |  27/12/2017 09:52:04

  • Confirmation email after purchase was sent out immediately.

    Estee |  09/04/2017 16:16:32

  • Ordering was simple and quick. Great site, easy to use.

    Ashley |  12/01/2017 18:16:09

  • Everything from order through delivery was perfect. Communication about the status of my order could not have been better. The order was processed quickly, I was sent status updates throughout the process, the order shipped quickly, and it was packaged nice and securely. I would not hesitate to order again.

    Alexis |  03/01/2017 21:26:08

  • Excellent. They have a great system, and customer service is professional and curtious.

    Sarah |  28/12/2016 17:43:42

  • I didn't even have to use customer service because everything went smoothly! Delivert notifications were awesome though! Perfect product, perfect experience, perfect delivery!

    Valerie |  19/12/2016 04:56:10

  • Beauty shop has the best value!

    Rachel |  14/12/2016 03:57:06

  • Quality of the product is a 10 and service was a 9

    Ryan |  13/12/2016 05:19:58

  • i'll buy again without hesitation

    Grace |  06/12/2016 00:17:11

  • I was very pleasantly surprised with the ordering experience. All information was on time, available and accurate. It was my pleasure to do business with you. I am looking forward to more purchases in the future.

    Nicole |  25/11/2016 04:13:52

  • Wow, when I saw the price on this product from beautytheshop, I thought it was all fake. But after a lot of check outs and reading the reviews, I was shocked. My fiancé now orders as many products from this website as she can.

    Darren |  21/11/2016 00:16:08

  • FedEx Priority : Good and fast, and it even send me SMS when they will be delivering.

    Jenny | 27/12/2017 09:52:04