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Sebastian Dark Oil Hair Oil 30ml

Dark Oil

Evanescent styling oil that replenishes from the inside out to smoothen the cuticle and add body, then disappears from hair thanks to the new DiffusX Technology.

Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan oil.

With hair protection against UV damage.

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Twisted Curl Conditioner

Professional conditioner for culrly hair creates flexible, elastic curls and waves.

Daily detangler. Locks-in moisture and boosts elasticity, helping to repair and preserve curly hair’s natural vitality for easier styling and touchable, flexible curls all day long.

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Sebastian Twisted Curl Conditioner 250ml

The 1960s was all about experimentation – colours and shapes collided as people raised eyebrows, hemlines and their expectations of what style could be. And once the revolution had started it wasn’t about to stop – the brightest decade the world had ever seen was about to give way to something even more exciting... 

LA stylist Geri Cusenza entered the 70s determined to push things further and take a generation from flower power to fearless hair fashion. Sebastian was founded on this principle of fearlessness. A thirst for innovation and changing the game has been our raison d’être from the word go. Today is no different.

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