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Maurer and Wirtz Tabac After Shave Balm 75ml

After Shave Balm

Tabac Original After Shave Balm soothes and relaxes men's skin following their shave.

The nourishing formulation with panthenol and vitamin E is instantly absorbed, making the skin smooth to the touch.

The unmistakable fragrance of Tabac Original gives you an individual aura of discreet, masculine grooming.

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Eau De Cologne

Tabac Original Eau de Cologne gives you a distinctly fresh feeling and an individual aura of discreet, masculine grooming.

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Tabac Original Eau De Cologne 100ml

Tabac is a brand of fragrance that was created by Mäurer & Wirtz in 1959. It is said to have a floral fragrance and contains a blend of bergamot, neroli, lavender and is accented with tobacco, oakmoss and vanilla. It is available as eau de toilette, eau de cologne and aftershave, although the fragrance reportedly differs only a little between them; the eau de toilette having a more floral fragrance.

In addition to the liquid fragrances, Tabac is also sold as a high-quality shaving soap much favored by wetshavers. The soap is tallow-based and has a similar fragrance to the aftershave.

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