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Collistar Supermascara Tridimensionale Extra Black Set 3 Pieces 2019

Supermáscara Tridimensionale Extra Black Set

An exclusive kit containing SUPERMASCARA TRIDIMENSIONALE® Black and 2 gifts: Gentle Two-Phase Make-Up Remover Eyes - Lips and a pink "riflessi" Pochette.

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Special Perfect Body Intensive Firming Cream Plus

A unique version that envelops the body in a sophisticated glow effect, with the help of ultra-fine multi-reflecting pearls in splendid shimmering gold.

A true bestseller, it has now been boosted with a pool of active ingredients.

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Collistar Special Perfect Body Intensive Firming Cream Plus 200ml

The secret underlying Collistar’s success is its unique philosophy combining the highest product quality with a competitive price for the perfumery.
The awareness that quality and efficacy are the result of hefty investments into research and scientific and cosmetic innovation is what has pushed the company in this direction and continues to guide its commitment to developing its formulae entirely in Italy. Innovation that often becomes revolution, when it proposes completely unprecedented formulae and products that had never been developed before and that make it the emblem of Italian beauty in the cosmetics sector, a field that has always been dominated by the multinational beauty giants. However, there is more to it than this. The extreme attention to quality has grown over the years together with a special care concerning the sensory and aesthetic content of its products. Thanks to its increasingly tactile and evanescent textures and increasingly exclusive and well-designed packaging, these products have gradually become authentic objects of desire, an expression of style, elegance and taste that are typically Italian.

Collistar products started to be appreciated by foreign markets in 1997, the year in which the brand debuted in Europe and, subsequently, the Middle and Far East: an empowering adventure and a value rewarded by success that climaxed with its arrival in China in 2012.
This was followed by South America, where the brand is distributed in large international retail chains, the most exclusive department stores and travel retail outlets. The brand’s conquest of Europe continues steadily. 2011 saw the opening of Collistar Nederland BV, the first branch in Holland, with over 700 retailers, and in 2013 the brand debuted in Germany. Collistar is now present in over 40 countries, where its winning philosophy continues to meet with the public’s approval. Russia is its second most important market, after Italy, with over 700 retailers, followed by Holland, Spain, Germany and Poland. Collistar is also present in the domestic and international duty-free market, where it enjoys excellent results.

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