Avent Natural Blue Baby Bottle Scf032 / 17 125ml 0m +


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- Natural hook
- Ultra-soft teat designed to mimic chest feel
- The teat has an ultra-soft texture designed to imitate the touch of the chest.
- Natural hooking thanks to the wider breast-shaped teat
- Wide breast-shaped teat facilitates a natural latch on, breast-like, allowing baby to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding.
- Flexible spiral design with comfortable petals
- The flexible spiral design combines with our exclusive and comfortable petals to develop a teat that allows a more natural feeding without shrinking. .
- Heat resistance
- In addition to being sterilizable in the usual way, the Natural glass bottle is resistant to heat and sudden temperature changes, so it can be kept warm in the fridge.
- Anti-colic valve designed to reduce discomfort and colicAnti-colic valve designed to reduce discomfort and colic
- Anti-colic valve is designed to expel air from baby's tummy and to help reduce discomfort and colic.
- Easy to use and clean, fast and easy to assemble Easy to use and clean, fast and easy to assemble
- Wide bottle neck makes filling and cleaning easy.
- The number of parts has been reduced for quick and easy assembly.
- Teats with different flow levels
- The Philips Avent Natural range offers teats with different levels of smoothness and flow for each stage of baby's development.
- Compatible with the Philips Avent Natural range

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