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Helena Rubinstein Prodigy Cell Glow Deep Renewing Concentrate 50ml

Prodigy Cellglow

Aconcentrate of light in a revitalizing care. The Luminous Tint Concentrate is the perfecting last step of Prodigy Cellglow routine. A hybrid foundation fusing light & care with the Cellular Supreme of Edelweiss™, signature ingredient of Cellglow. A 90% care infusion with high water phase and comfort oils. Its advanced water-rich formula associates 3 second-skin pigments. Thanks to this Pigment Trinity Complex, the Prodigy Cellglow foundation applies seamlessly like a secondary skin and offers translucent glowing finish that is fresh and natural, for a long-lasting radiant complexion. 

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Powercell Skinmunity

The daily dose of energy for youthful skin quality POWERCELL SKINMUNITY concentrates the reinforcing power of Native Vegetal Cells and the Defense Complex. HELENA RUBINSTEIN takes skin’s reinforcement one-step further with a POWERCELL SKINMUNITY Emulsion to create an exclusive recharging power duo. As concentrated in native vegetal cells and defense complex as the POWERCELL SKINMUNITY cream, the powerful emulsion also contains spirulina with anti-oxidant properties to strengthen skin protection against daily attacks. Even in urban conditions, skin quality is perfected, imperfections are reduced. Enriched with 82% ingredients from natural origins, it reinforces and prolongs the effects of the serum by preserving the skin’s cellular energy.

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Helena Rubinstein Powercell Skinmunity Serum 30ml

In 1902, Helena Rubinstein revolutionized the world of cosmetics with her new personalized and innovative beauty regime. Her name was Helena Rubinstein. Fascinated by the beauty and the power that it gives to women, she approached the greatest scientists of her time to better understand and respect the skin: skin type classification (1910), first moisturizing, anti-acne and sun care... she offered women the first waterproof mascara (1938) and the first modern mascara (1958).

True to this heritage, the brand continues to expand into new territories, drawing on the most advanced research areas: first treatment with vitamin C in 1995, the first pure retinol anti-aging cream in 1999, the first plant stem cells in 2009 with Powercell, No. 1 high-end serum in Japan.

In 2008, Helena Rubinstein started a new adventure in the world of anti-aging creams with a partnership with Laclinic Montreux and its founder, Dr. Pfulg, an internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon. The result of this collaboration: Re-Plasty, the first line of instant-effect cosmetic intervention cream.

The cream-of-the-crop boasts a luxuriously rich texture and an addictive scent in a bottle that is fit to be a work of art. All of this and ultra-premium personalized cream too. So that women can take control of their lives.

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