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Girls Can Say Anything Eau De Perfume Spray 30ml

Girls Can Say Anything

Girls can say anything, a fragrance claiming its liberty!

The perfect embodiment of modern femininity that dares to express itself openly.

A fougère revisted with the floral delicacy of an iris & peony duo and enhanced with tonka & vanilla infused with musks.

Kjøp fra 672,74kr

This Is Him! No Rules Capsule Collection

The bursting aroma of grapefruit gives a powerful freshness to the spicy vanilla note of THIS IS HIM!

The aromatic geranium and lavender base gives a new vitality to this powerful male addiction.

Sandalwood and cedar lend a mysterious scent of incense to this addictive fragrance. 

Kjøp fra 704,16kr
Zadig And Voltaire This Is Him! No Rules Capsule Collection Eau De Toilette Spray 50ml

Produktlinjer : ZADIG & VOLTAIRE