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Agua Fresca Citrus Cedro Eau De Toilette Spray 60ml

Agua Fresca Citrus Cedro

Masculine fragrance inspired by the rediscovery our deep connection with nature, reflected in the composition of this perfume through its fresh, natural, strong and free essence. Agua Fresca Citrus Cedro explores a citrusy, woody and spicy olfactory universe .

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Agua Fresca Gardenia Musk

Agua Fresca de Gardenia Musk contains the naturalness of its heart. Composed of a bouquet of gardenia, freesia and magnolia, it displays an absolutely feminine essence.

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Adolfo Dominguez Agua Fresca Gardenia Musk Eau De Toilette Spray 120ml

Adolfo Dominguez was the first fashion designer to project their own brand, began in 1973 with a small tailoring shop. Although initially entrusted to design your own style more youthful and urban clothing. Visit our gallery of both Adolfo Dominguez perfume man as woman perfume. Around 1986, Adolfo Dominguez decides to agree with society Myrurgia for the two trading in perfumes. The first perfume that brought to market Adolfo Dominguez, as he was called. He eventually released other perfumes like "Agua de Rosas", "Vetiver" , "Azahar", line U and others.

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