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Bast Glove And Shoe Déo 250ml

Glove And Shoe Déo

Bast Glove Deo is a deodorant spray for all body. The spray which everyone was waiting for to get rid of the unpleasant odors from gloves (boxing, skiing, golf, hockey gloves). Easy to use, durable and biodegradable. Natural enzymes counteract the formation of bacteria responsible for the bad smell.

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Head And Body Wash

Op basis van milde en natuurlijke ingrediënten en met munt geparfumeerd, is onze hoofd- en lichaamswas verfrissend en reinigend en helpt het vochtgehalte op peil te houden. Te gebruiken als shampoo en over je hele lichaam.

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Bast Head And Body Wash 500ml

BAST is a French-Swedish body care brand designed for daily use by athletes, proposing technical products produced in Sweden which respect both the environment and the body. Designed to enhance physical performance and self-confidence.

BAST products prevents injury and treats the needs of an athlete´s body: muscular pain, irritations, odours, hygiene, etc. with noticeable effect based on natural ingredients.

BAST is a community bringing together athletes from all physical sports – with or without an opponent – where courage, determination and surpassing your own limits are a genuine way of life.

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