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Juvena Miracle Serum Firm And Hydrate 30ml

Miracle Serum

Wonderful moisture, a noticeable firming effect, and an enchanting complexion.

With the unique JUVENA SkinNova SC Technology in combination with a firming algae extract, this highly effective face serum provides an improved skin texture and firmer-looking skin.

The special gold-coloured pigments conjure up a smooth, even complexion.

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Juvenance Epigen Night Cream

Skincare meets epigenetics. For skin that lacks firmness and shows deep lines. Based on JUVENA’s exclusive SkinNova SC Technology, this silky cream improves the texture of the skin and supports its overnight recovery phase. It helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity. Noticeably firmer, more youthful looking skin with a fresh radiance in the morning. Like newly created.

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Juvena Juvenance Epigen Night Cream 50ml

For JUVENA, youthful radiance also has to do with attitude and bearing. Everything that characterizes a woman – her thoughts, the swing in her step, the sparkle in her eyes and the radiance of her skin – together they form her overall activeness.

Since 1954, JUVENA has been considered as a pioneer in skin research and as an expert in anti-aging cosmetics. The pioneering spirit of the brand, combined with Swiss precision and professional customer relationship management, has created superior technologies and significant anti-aging innovations. JUVENA – a cutting edge skincare.

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