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Biolage Smoothproof Deep Treatment 100ml

Smoothproof Deep Treatment

Stanco di quei giorno di crespo totale? Utilizza Biolage Deep Treatment Pack SmoothProof, la maschera per capelli crespi con olio di camelia e ricino, per ottenere un capello immediatamente 8 volte più morbido, il 67% più idratato e il doppio più forte.

Una formula vegana con emollienti di origine vegetale.

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R.A.W. Rebalance Conditioner

R.A.W. Condizionatore per il cuoio capelluto sensibile. SCALP lenisce le irritazioni e il prurito del cuoio capelluto con ingredienti lenitivi ed equilibranti come l'olio di rosmarino e l'olio di cocco.

Per di più idrata i capelli e il cuoio capelluto. E 'adatto per capelli tinti e cuoio capelluto sensibile.

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Biolage R.A.W. Rebalance Conditioner 325ml

In 1990, when Arnie Miller saw that nature could be harnessed to protect and nourish hair, he launched Biolage. It was a pioneering salon brand not only using botanical ingredients, but believing in the power of nature for the wellbeing of stylists and clients. The products truly delivered, providing beautiful results while being gentle on hair. Biolage thrilled stylists all over the world.

Today, Biolage is recognized worldwide as a leader in the professional haircare field, and that reputation continues to grow. We believe this is because Biolage is constantly improving—taking haircare to new levels by offering high-performance, professional-quality products powered by botanicals.

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