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Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment 3x5ml + Bioeffect Osa Water Mist 60ml

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The revolutionary 30 Day Treatment is the first and only skincare product to contain three growth factors and using OSA Water Mist with it, maximizes the treatment’s efficacy – together they help to keep your skin hydrated, healthy and beautiful.
BIOEFFECT 30 DAY TREATMENT is an intensive triple-action treatment with three growth factors; EGF, IL-1a and KGF, naturally occurring in human skin. It maximizes hydration, tone, and radiance while minimizing wrinkles, pore size, and redness.
BIOEFFECT OSA WATER MIST is an ultra-light facial mist that rehydrates, refreshes and rebalances the skin throughout the day, while providing a delicate, matte finish. It contains orthosilicic acid (OSA), a bioavailable form of silica known to stimulate the production of collagen, strengthen the skin’s elasticity and retain water resulting in softer, firmer skin.
Fragrance, alcohol and oil-free

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Product features:
- Gender: Women
- Skin Treatment: Serums & Treatments
- Skin Care: Gift Sets
- Area to be treated: Face

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The company was founded by three geneticists who spent ten years developing a unique ingredient for whose discovery they won the Nobel Prize in 1986. They founded Bioeffect when they discovered a way to bio-design a replica of EGF, a natural human protein in barley plants. Its products are used by more than 30% of Icelandic women since its launch in 2010.

Bioeffect EGF Serum
The classic, original and innovative formula BIOEFFECT EGF. For its great concentration only 2 to 4 drops are needed to obtain excellent results. Its formula is very pure because it contains only 7 ingredients. No preservatives or additives, free of oils, fragrances and alcohol, it is hypoallergenic and not tested on animals.

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  • Impressed of how much my face has improved in general. I use this serum daily, this is a true wonder

    Avery | 01/10/2019

  • Received on time

    Inesa |  25/08/2020

  • A really great service ! Highly recommend.

    Caroline |  20/07/2020

  • The purchase flow was fast and easy.

    Fernanda |  22/06/2020

  • I compared the prices of the beauty shop with the Armand basi site and all I can say is wow ???? the savings were incredible.definitely will be using the site again.

    Martin |  10/05/2020

  • All fine

    Nakchbandi |  20/05/2018

  • Very good.

    Monique |  24/10/2015

  • GLS : Delivered one day ahead of schedule

    Tomasz | 01/09/2020

  • GLS : Received on time!

    Inesa | 25/08/2020

  • GLS : Very fast delivery to Ireland , no complaints at all .

    Caroline | 20/07/2020

  • GLS : All fine

    Nakchbandi | 20/05/2018

  • GLS : Very fast.

    Monique | 24/10/2015

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