Philips Air Purifier Serie 3000 AC3256 / 10


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Philips air purifier, VitaShield IPS technology naturally eliminates ultrafine particles. Aerasense technology offers you peace of mind through real-time visualization of indoor air quality.
Features: Breathe the difference with Vitashield IPS and Aerasense technology - Room size: up to 95 m2 - Eliminates particles of 0.02 μm - Special mode for allergens - CADR 393 m3 / h - Advanced Aerasense technology, equivalent to professional sensors, Indicates indoor air quality in real time using the PM2 index as an indicator.
5, corresponding to the respirable particles.
Thus, you will always breathe the healthiest air.
  The advanced NanoProtect filter offers complete protection - The HEPA NanoProtect filter design and extra-thick active carbon allow a completely efficient purification and reduces the life cycle of the particles present in the air.
The special AL automatic mode effectively removes allergens - Designed effectively removes allergens commonly present in the air.
  PM2 index.
5 in real time and ICA indicator of 4 colors - The numerical indicator PM2.
5, together with the ring of 4 colors, offers information on indoor air quality in real time.
    HealthyAirProtect Alert alert that accurately calculates filter life - Advanced AeraSense technology accurately calculates filter life based on indoor contamination level, airflow and uptime.
- HealthyAirProtect Alert allows you to instantly know when it is time to replace the filter.
- If this is not changed immediately, the device stops to avoid functioning without any effect, since the filter does not perform its function.
- This guarantees a healthier air always.
  Certified and tested by AHAM, ECARF and Airmid Ultra-quiet suspension mode of only 33 db - The unit reduces fan speed and noise level in silent mode to avoid discomfort at night, in addition, lights can be switched off at any time .
  Excellent purification for rooms up to 95 m2 - Vitashield IPS, with aerodynamic design and extra-thick NanoProtect HEPA filter, provides a superior clean air rate of up to 393 m3 / hr in rooms up to 95 m2.
- It can effectively remove ultrafine particles of only 0.02 μm * (a value more than 100 times lower than the PM2 index.
5), eliminates 99.97% of the allergens commonly present in the air, 99.9% of bacteria and some viruses, such as H1N1 *.
- In addition, it offers guaranteed protection against harmful gases such as formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC.

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