WELLA Total products in Hair WELLA: 1

Wella brand was founded in 1880 by stylist Franz Ströher in Saxony. At that time it was very fashionable to wear wigs and Ströher created, at the age of 25, an innovative product to fix them to the head. After World War I, wigs were outdated and Ströher’s sons, Kark and Georg, launched products to create long lasting waves in long hair. In the 30’s the first portable hair curler called Wella Junior was a great success in beauty salons. In the early 50’s Wella launched revolutionary styling products and marketing expanded worldwide. In  1972, the first retail line was created. Nowadays, they have a huge range of products: shampoos, conditioners and many others, both for professional and for domestic use being a revolution in the hairdressing world.

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