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The house of Slava Zaitsev was founded by Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Zaitsev known as Slava Zaitsev in Russia. He is a Russian fashion designer, painter, graphic artist and theatrical costume designer. His design is influenced by traditional Russian and Slavic styles.
In 1991 Zaitsev created his first perfume. That was a classic women perfume named Maroussia, created in collaboration with the French house of L'Oréal. The perfume is a floral oriental and is still a favorite not only to Russian women, but to worldwide audience.
In 1992 Zaitsev conquered the USA and attracted a lot of attention with his fashion shows and exhibitions of his paintings, which were widely attended, an meant the beginning of cultural exchanges.
Even the President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, appreciated Zaitsev and awarded him the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of literature and the arts in 1996. He was also close to President Putin ad designed an attire for his wife for the presidential pair's visit to teh Queen of England. Zaitsev expended his collection to menswear, as well.

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