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The story of JOHNSON’S® baby products began in the 1890s, when some patients who used Johnson & Johnson medicated plasters complained to the company that some of the plasters irritated their skin. Scientific Director Fred Kilmer sent them small containers of Italian talc to soothe the irritation. These patients discovered that the talc also helped alleviate diaper rash, and they told the company. As a result, JOHNSON'S baby powder made its debut in 1894, and the JOHNSON’S® baby brand was born.
JOHNSON’S® has continually been a pioneer in delivering breakthrough solutions to its consumers, including the first NO MORE TEARS®shampoos and washes, and the only bedtime regimen clinically proven to help baby sleep better. Throughout nearly 120 years, JOHNSON’S®has embodied consumer partnership and scientific discovery to become a leading, trusted baby care brand in 173 countries worldwide.

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