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Stendhal Éclat Essentiel 3 In 1 Lotion 200ml

Éclat Essentiel 3 In 1 Lotion

The 3 in 1 lotion is designed for those women who have a frantic lifestyle. This product brings together the efficiency of a make-up remover and a tonic to remove make-up from your eyes and face.

In addition, it revitalizes your skin immediately, thanks to its watery, comfortable and refreshing formula. Skin will become toned, smoother and more dazzling.

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Elixir Blanc

Iris blooms in the heart of Elixir Blanc in a cocoon of white notes revealing a creation of immaculate white. A white bouquet of delicate Cherry Blossom, White Rose - symbol of purity and femininity, and Heliotrope, with a powdery scent.

Beneath the blossoms lies a sensuous, vibrant base of Musks, White Woods and Vanilla. Its scent is softer and less dry than traditional ambery woody notes. Used as a bottom note, it prolongs the sillage.

New arrivals of manufacturer STENDHAL

Right from the start, Stendhal has always worked with its own Research and Development Laboratory, now based inside its ultra-modern factory located in southern France.
It thus benefits from the most highly specialized active ingredients and sophisticated formulations.

The founder of the brand, fascinated by the work of the great author Henry Beyle alias Stendhal, found in this name a wonderful sponsor to give these care and makeup products a sophisticated, feminine and refined image.
Stendhal therefore combines the scientific expertise of its formulas with the sensual quality of its textures, aesthetics and the modernity of its modern packaging.

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