CUSTO Products: 8

In the early 80s, two brothers, Custo and David Dalmau, embarked on a project which unexpectedly took them into the world of fashion. They were interested in graphic design, and they began to use T-shirts instead of paper as the canvas on which to express their ideas. Surprisingly, they had created something which didn’t exist at that time, and which immediately became an international success. Those roots of graphics, colour and a mixture of fabrics are precisely the ones that make up the iconic style of what today is Custo Barcelona.

Throughout its history, the creative universe of Custo Barcelona has spread to the most surprising areas. Its unmistakeable design has dressed Busnelli Italian furniture, cars like the Chrysler PT Cruiser or the Hummer, Harley Davidson motorcycles, a plane from the Spanish company Vueling, sails for the Estrella Damm boat in the Barcelona World Race, and even a Motorola mobile phone.

Custo Barcelona has its own place in the New York Fashion Week after fifteen seasons of fashion parades. Many of the close friends of the brand have wanted to accompany Custo Dalmau at each of his shows. Today, we can say that Custo Barcelona exists as a style of its own that might suggest a particular way of looking at life, and that has spread itself to create a universe including collections of eyewear, watches and perfumes.

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