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Alqvimia Bust Firming Body Oil 100ml

Alqvimia Bust Firming Oil

Some essential oils contain chemical components which are highly similar to feminine hormones and which act to regulate and strengthen the flow of feminine energy. Their action is notable in the bust, where they lend firmness, volume, grace and beauty. The properties of these essential oils help to stimulate and balance.

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Alqvimia Queen Of Egypt Body Oil

A body oil with an exotic fragrance with deep-down nourishing powers, combats the skin’s aging process, while regenerating and smoothing, while providing self-esteem and confidence. Inspired in beauty ointments used by the queens of Ancient Egypt, this exotic oil is made from a base of Myrrh and Incense oleoresins to beautify and keep the skin young and radiant, while lending an intense sensation of femininity and charm. Its marvelous fragrance also provides sensations of confidence, increasing self-esteem, taking you beyond the realm of the senses.

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Alqvimia Queen Of Egypt Huile Pour Le Corps 150ml

Depuis 1984, ALQVIMIA révolutionne la cosmétique naturelle en mariant les dernières avancées de la cosmétique aux secrets botaniques de l'alchimie et à la tradition de la parfumerie antique.

À partir des ingrédients naturels les plus purs venus des 4 coins du monde, ALQVIMIA formule des soins pour le corps et l'esprit devenus la référence des experts en beauté naturelle et des peaux les plus exigeantes.

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