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Unicled White Smile Beauty Technology


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Dazzle with your smile thanks to UNICLED WHITE SMILE!, an innovative portable teeth whitening recommended by prestigious dentists. Without damaging tooth enamel, it features unique, easy, pioneering and 100% safe design with high power LED light. This advanced technology dental kit contains everything you need to start whitening your teeth by connecting it to your mobile or computer from anywhere and at any time of the day.
This unisex teeth whitening kit contains two syringes which combined with the high power accelerated LED light, will make your teeth whiter, look healthier and with a long lasting effect. After completing the full UNICSKIN treatment, you can improve the color of your tooth by 5 to 8 tones.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Main ingredients of whitening gel: propylene glycol, glycerin, carbomer, triethanolamine, menthol, hydrogen peroxide and disodium edta.
FAQs From what session number will I start to see the results? 
The tone achieved and the time will depend on the genetic factors of the patient and the habits of each person. We cannot give a set time since each person has a different quality of enamel.
What kind of people are suitable to use the device?
This product is primarily intended for adults over 14 years of age. The person in particular must have good dental hygiene. It is not recommended in people with hypersensitivity, cavities, periodontal disease, braces, oral ulcers and exposure of the root part of the teeth by defect of the gum. It is also not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
Can I use it if I have a retainer or Invisaling?
Yes you can perform whitening during orthodontics without problem.
Does tooth enamel suffer?
No, the enamel does not suffer during the teeth whitening treatment.
Does the procedure hurt or produce sensitivity?
No, it is painless and very simple. In addition, as it is a portable device which functions for only 20 minutes, it produces less or almost no tooth sensitivity.
What foods should I not eat after bleaching?
It is convenient to restrict the consumption of coffee, tea or cola drinks, and reduce the consumption of artichokes, spinach and coloring such as saffron. All these substances ingested during the treatment will not only decrease the result of this, but they can produce additional stains. Just after its application, a white diet is recommended, that is, that the food eaten does not have a large amount of colorants since there are microporosities open by the treatment, in which said colorants could deposit and cause staining.
How much product should I apply in each application?
0.5 ml.
How long should each syringe last? 
Six applications.
How often do I apply the treatment? 
Our recommendation is to apply it twice a week for six weeks in a row and then one maintenance session a month, as long as the expected result has been achieved. If not, the entire treatment should be repeated.
How many syringes do I need to buy to get a full treatment?
It depends on the quality of each tooth. With two syringes, the treatment lasts three months, so the whitening achieved is probably not the definitive one. For this reason, our recommendation is to buy replacement syringes.
Is it necessary to keep the syringes in a refrigerator after opening?
Once opened, we do recommend keeping them in the fridge.
Should I rest my teeth so as not to damage the enamel?
This treatment does not damage the teeth due to its low composition in some of the components, therefore, you could do all the whitening you want. Despite this, it is always good for the tooth to rest for a long period of time.
How long does the effect last? 
The durability of the treatment and therefore the effect depends on how we take care of our teeth or the food or beverages we eat (coffee, tea and wine stain teeth more than normal).
Step 01: brush your teeth normally with your regular toothpaste.
Step 02: take out the device and clean it.
Step 03: connect the device to your smartphone or laptop. Step 04: evenly apply the whitening gel on both sides of the device using the syringe.
Step 05: place the device in your mouth. Press start button and leave LED blue light on.
Step 06: after 20 minutes, the device will shut down automatically.
Step 07: rinse the device and your mouth with warm water.(These steps can be repeated two times a week). UNICSKIN unique Whitening Gel Technology is based on an anhydrous gel, easy and safe to store for a long time, leading to long lasting whitening results.

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UNICSKIN is a dermocosmetic brand that unifies the concept of dermatology and cosmetics in one. The formulas of its products consist of more than 30 active ingredients, vitamins and natural ingredients with proven efficacy, without using "filler" substances that do not provide any benefit to our skin. Their products are firmly committed to being 100% free of alcohol, parabens, dyes, paraffins and comedogenic ingredients. In addition they do not test their products on animals, being a cruelty free brand.

The Korean mask with LED technology is undoubtedly the flagship product of UNICSKIN, a trend in beauty care and the secret of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson. Unicled Korean Mask has seven different colors to act on seven different skin requirements. 

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