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Is Clinical Active Serum 15ml

Is Clinical Active Serum

ANTIEDAD, ANTIACNÉ E ILUMINADOR Suero ligero de color amarillo claro. Reduce la aparición de finas líneas y arrugas, disminuye la aparición de hiperpigmentación y acné, suaviza y alisa la textura de la piel, proporciona resultados rápidos y a largo plazo.

* Textura rugosa
* Acné
* Poros congestionados
* Hiperpigmentación
* Melasma



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Is Clinical C Eye Serum Advance

Es una formulación de vanguardia que combina eficazmente una concentración del 7,5% de nuestro ácido L-ascórbico (Vitamina C) científicamente avanzado con el factor de crecimiento tripeptídico de cobre para mejorar las propiedades antienvejecimiento. Esta fórmula potente pero suave está diseñada para ayudar a calmar el área debajo de los ojos y ayudar a disminuir la aparición de líneas finas y arrugas. También ayuda a mejorar el tono y la textura de la piel y proporciona una mejor protección antioxidante.


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Is Clinical C Eye Serum Advance+ 15ml


The first step in your iS CLINICAL regimen, CLEANSE, is vital for maintaining a clean, clear, and vibrant complexion. Our cleansers are ideal for all skin types, ages, and genders. Gentle yet effective resurfacing agents, balanced with potent antioxidants, remove excess oils, makeup and debris without causing irritation or dryness.


The second step in your iS CLINICAL regimen, TREAT, allows you to target specific skin concerns and conditions with potent, active botanical ingredients. Clinically powerful yet non-irritating, our TREAT category of products are proven to improve the appearance of aging skin, blemishes, uneven skin tone, flushing, dullness, enlarged pores and more.


The third step in your iS CLINICAL regimen is to HYDRATE, replenishing and balancing the skin’s moisture to maintain the feel of improved skin smoothness, firmness, and resiliency. Our HYDRATE category of products dramatically improves skin hydration and texture, without clogging pores or feeling heavy. iS CLINICAL HYDRATE products are great for all skin types, ages, and genders, and are formulated to layer beautifully with our TREAT and PROTECT products.


Vital to all skin types and conditions, the fourth step in your iS CLINICAL regimen is protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Our broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens are formulated to not only help protect against the visual effects of sunburn and photoaging, but also give your skin powerful hydration and the feel of a luxurious moisturizer.

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