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Atkinsons Scilly Neroli Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml



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Lemon – Petitgrain & Atlantic Spume Accord
Neroli Essence & Orange Flower Absolute
Ambergris Accord & Patchouli
South meets North in this sea-drenched,
sunlit floral fragrance of Neroli essence.
It is a resolutely Mediterranean fragrance
transplanted most beguilingly to the Scilly Isles
of the North Atlantic, a lush, misty archipelago,
warmed by the currents and breezes of the
Gulf Stream. Stupendously solar, optimistic
and bracing, this citrus fragrance is tempered by
the mineral mists and crashing sea-spray of Albion.
A fragrance of dazzling contrast that is both
tropical and temperate.

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- Køn: Mænd, Kvinder, Unisex
- Duft: Eau de Parfum

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In the early Spring of 1799, James Atkinson, an enterprising young gentleman from the wilds of Cumberland, set forth by carriage for the glorious city of London. In his suit pocket were recipes for fine scents and toiletries of his own devising. Next to him sat a sizeable quantity of rose-scented bear grease balm. Next to the balm sat a growly bear. The growly bear was thoroughly devoted to James. Within mere days the utterly fantastic balm became indispensable to London's most uppity crust, who braved the bear at the door of 44 Gerrard Street ("that marvellous perfume shop with the most terrifying bear") to procure sufficient stock for the Social Season.

In 1800, James Atkinson hit upon his most startling creation to date, a fearlessly English Eau de Cologne totally different from the Italianate colognes then in vogue. Curiously fresh yet warm and spicy, the new Eau de Cologne was stronger and more prepossessing than its continental cousins, with a lingering trail that conjured forth the confident attributes of the British Empire. It and all things Atkinsons became such a sensation with the royal ranks that when King George IV caught a whiff of it at Buckingham in 1826, he proclaimed Atkinsons the Official Perfumer to the royal Court of England on the spot.

From then on the sweet smell of Atkinsons' success wafted throughout the realm, emanating most deliciously, in 1832, from its utterly fantastic new headquarters at 24 Old Bond Street. After a most delightful hibernation, Atkinsons and its growly bear have awoken from their slumber totally refreshed and revived. Drawing on 200 years of English eccentricity, style and impeccable manners, not to mention an incomparable heritage and imperishable commitment to making the highest echelons of society as fragrant and delectable as humanly possible, we are now ready to usher in a new century of perfume snobbery. How? By means of our newest collections, our boldest and most irresistible to date. "True style," as Beau Brummel once said, "never goes out of fashion. You siply cannot keep a good bear down."

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