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Repetto Dance Eau De Perfume Spray 40ml

Dance With Repetto

A delicious and contemporary fragrance that opens with a play on textures and contrasts, between the crunch of a Raspberry Macaron and the delicate floral freshness of Magnolia and Freesia.

At the heart of the perfume, Jasmine Petals bind the powdery smoothess of Heliotrope to the voluptuousness of Peony.

Finally, the warm almond notes of Tonka Bean are enveloped by the caramelised sweetness of sensual Vanilla and Patchouli.

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Le Ballet Blanc

This floral, fruity, and musky scent features light top notes of glowing, gossamer mandarin. Next is revealed the rich yet subtle presence of blackberries.

The perfume's core is delicate and feminine, featuring a feathered bouquet of peony and Arabian jasmine, which form a soft, floral layer.

Pearls of white musk and grey amber are laced together in a finishing touch. In a swirl of perfume, the swan dancer steps on stage...

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Repetto Paris Le Ballet Blanc Eau De Toilette Spray 80ml

In 1947 Rose Repetto, mother of dancer and choreographer Roland Petit, lovingly created a pair of ballet shoes for him in a humble Parisian atelier. The innovative reverse-stitch technique she used resulted in a flexible, lightweight slipper that became popular amongst dancers, who still flock to Repetto boutiques today.

Nowadays, Repetto is one of the most world known luxury brands. 

After the first fragrance from 2013, Repetto Eau de Toilette, the house of Repetto launches its new edition Repetto Eau de Parfum in June 2014. Repetto Eau de Parfum is announced as a more sensual and carnal version.