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Pal Zileri is an Italian fashion house specialized in men’s clothing. The house has numerous stores today, and besides clothing offer fashion accessories and fragrances for men. Motto of the house is balance between modernity and tradition. Pal Zileri prefers classic lines, permanent evolution of elegance and the energy and vitality of business.
Since 1970 the company has based its business on a modern productive logic, paying special attention to the quality of the product and a devotion to the customer. The company tries to highlight and present the Italian sartorial culture. Their main product has always been the Italian canvassed suit, manufacture as a combination of high-quality fabrics and handicrafts improved by generations of tailors.
In early 2000es the company reached a consolidated turnover of over 110 million Euros, large portion of which comes from their business overseas. Besides the popular and characteristic tailor-made suits are accompanied with more casual proposals presented as a part of new labels: “Pal Zileri Concept” and “LAB”. The accessories offered are: shoes, belts, pens, umbrellas, suitcases, watches and perfumes.
The house of Pal Zileri also offers fragrances for men. So far, the company has launched four collections of men’s fragrances: Collezione Privata, Pal Zileri Classic, Uomo and Lab.
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